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Sunday, February 27, 2011

This Week's Playlist

I'm glad that I'm not the only person disappointed in Mas camp's soca playlist...you see Bacchanal, people have access to that little invention called "the Internet" which can lead them to sites such as youtube, toronto lime and various trini radio stations that feature 2011 soca... so they are expecting the soca ignorant DJs at mas camp to follow suit. Bacchanal FB's group echoes the disappointment of many soca enthusiasts but ofcourse there's no proactive response from Bacchanal because they know that people will patronize them any way...

With about a week left to the greatest show on earth my (2011) playlist includes:

  1. Consider it Done- Faye Ann Lyons

  2. Advantageous- Machel Montano

  3. Illegal- Machel Montano

  4. Wotless- Kees

  5. Come Gyal-Kees

  6. Bend Over- Machel

  7. Give Him Bam Bam- Patrice Roberts

  8. Feteing for Days- Michelle Xavier and Imij
  9. Carnival Jumbie- Blaxx

  10. Ah feel tuh- Terri Lyons


  1. you should post links to the youtube music videos, that would be cool

  2. thanks owen; great idea! will do next time :)