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Friday, February 4, 2011

Thank you 22 Followers!

Okay, I'm sorry I missed this one but I just realized that the blog is officially a year and about a month old! I've really enjoyed posting stuff that interests me and hopefully a couple other people as well. The blog did start off with an intention to document my carnival journey but it quickly transformed into a diary of my life here in Jamaica and all the things I enjoy doing. I am surprised that people actually read the posts and comment! So big up to my 22 followers and the 1 facebook follower. So keep the comments coming...what do you want to see improved? carnival advice (cuz I'm not so good at personal stuff or fashion stuff)? or just any topics you think I should address...

Unlike other blogs, I'm not doing any giveaways...sorry :( .....I don't have any corporate sponsors or have any free stuff...or offer any special services but I'm going to think about this seriously and consider doing a giveaway some time this year. In the mean time, I have some free digicel phone cards for Ja digicel phones...so ummm......


  1. Happy Anniversary! I remember when you started! I didn't really take on too much though, being young and caught in my own world, :P But I enjoyed your posts of being a trini in jamaica. I LOVE all your stories! I read them with your voice in my head. I learn a lot about the cross of cultures, and a lot about the carnival process. I hope one day to play with you! ;) But don't tell dad :P Well, I think you're doing awesome I can't think of anything to be improved :S Keep on writing!

  2. Thanks cuz; ur blog is such an inspiration as well :)

  3. Lol, I's write madness. I'm posting your blog on umz, outlish fb wall because it's one of the interesting blogs I like.