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Monday, March 7, 2011

First Fail for Bliss...

As I've mentioned in previous posts, my government salary has been frozen until further notice so I'm not amused when people play de ass with things I pay big big money for...

It all started when I went to collect my Titans costume at Carlton Savannah. I had paid off for my costume a while back and therefore qualified for "fast track" collection. On this particular day, the term "fast" was open to many interpretations. I had to join a line to collect a receipt and a number; then join a next line to wait for the number to be called; and when that number was called then I would join a further line to get the costume. All of this would be fine if the entire process didn't take 2 hours 45 minutes!

Great, I got my costume and to my disappointment there was no cold shoulder whole swimsuit but just a plain white wholepiece with a gold braid for one of the straps...this was not what was advertised. I couldn't do anything about that so I decided to try on the costume...bradap! straps burst off! wth!

So I went to Customer Service where I asked the rep to replace the gold braid with a regular bra strap...she said no problem and made me complete a form and told me that Bliss would contact me when the adjustments were made...no scene...

Despite not getting the call, I decided to just go the Carlton Savannah to find out if the adjustments were made. To my short delight, the rep gave me the bag with the adjusted swimsuit...you could believe these people put back the same gold braid that I told them was not strong enough to act as a bra strap? Of course I was pissed so I asked to talk to the designer who suggested that the swimsuit be redesigned with a halter bra so I wouldn't need the braid; and it would be ready at 3:00 the following day. Great!

You know I'm coming from far so I got there at 4:30pm. Guess what? They hadn't even started working on the swimsuit but it would be ready by 6:00pm. Like an idiot, I just smiled and said okay and I used the opportunity to get an eyebrow wax and got back to Carlton around 7:00pm. If you are following this account closely, you know what happened when I got back...It was not ready and these people looking at me with a straight face and telling me to come back at midnight because apprently when I went to the do the eyebrow wax the aesthetician wrote "jackass" on my forehead without me knowing.

By this time, I was the only masquerader in customer service still waiting for my costume that was supposed to be "fast tracked". Any who, thanks to Val and Sonji (wrong spelling) who walked it through production, I was able to leave at 9:45pm with a complimentary decorated bra for Monday and extra cuffs. I also got numerous apologies from the reps but I was mad especially since I had to be so inconvenienced based on an error on their part.

I acknowledge that other masqueraders may have experienced something totally different and positive but it's not their money and time...as a customer I don't want to be the exception to what may have been a norm of great customer service so Bliss yuh get ah big FAIL for dat!

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