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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Emancipation and Indulge

In the Anglo Caribbean, Emancipation from slavery is commemorated on August 1 which marked the full abolition of slavery in 1838.  Today the celebration embraces our African heritage paying homage to cultural retentions.  For most, it's just a public holiday or a day of rest.  This year, the holiday fell on a Thursday which was confusing.  Wednesday felt like a Friday and Friday felt like a lazy Monday, but like a true Trinbagonian, that meant nothing to me; a holiday is a holiday.

I opted to attend the Indulge party on Thursday at the Mona Hockey Field.  Indulge was put on by the I Love Soca and Wata Party team, Andrew Bellamy and Ian Bourne, along with Staci Smith.  It was advertised as inclusive of food and drink and would run from 4:00-10:00pm.  For JA$2000, it seemed like a steal.  Luckily, I was able to purchase a JA$1500 ticket which was an even bigger steal.

After my experience at the Tailwind fete, I made sure that I got there early enough because if a party was advertised as ending at 10pm, most likely, it will end at that time.  There was sufficient and accessible parking at a nearby field.  Upon entry, I immediately headed for the food because I didn't think it would last considering the cost of the party.  I enjoyed the barbecue pigtail, chicken pasta, and the roast pork and beef.  To my surprise, there was food left at the end and I then had the soup which was sobering, but the shrimp was awful.

Johnnie Walker was one of the main sponsors so the drinks were flowing (probably too much in my case).  My only complaint was about the bartender who insisted that I could not get a cup of straight coconut water which was only being served as a chaser.  The problem was solved easily by going to another bartender.

Just me and my Johnnie

The music was provided by DJs Richie Ras, Cruise, and Selecta Renegade.  The music was a good mix of different genres and the patrons seemed to enjoy it.  At one point a friend commented that he was appalled that uptown people didn't dance.  I mean this was no passa passa session but there were vibes.  I really didn't see this as a pose only party; it was just a different party scene.

Crowd shot

For JA$1500 or JA$2000, Indulge was well worth it. I can't remember when last I got so much value for money.  I am now left to wonder why the hell I've been paying JA$5000 and JA$6000 for other parties??? So I really can't see how some people are easily handing over up to JA$7500 for one party this weekend, but fear not, I heard that there are loans...