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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gangnam Styling at Frenchmen 2012

Highlights of Frenchmen Foreplay 2012
1. "Rain does only stop cricket" (well it depends on the type of hair you had in).
2. When god saw the greatness that was Johnnie Walker, he blessed us with a gift of coconut water.
3. Soca.
4. Private Ryan and Alicia the dutchess sell off.
5. Don't hate on Caribbean Airlines, cuz they flew in nuff Trinbagonians.
6. Seriously rate Frenchmen for flying in Psy.
7. Chris Gayle is really ah don; he doh miss nutten.
8. The girl who lifted up her dress and had on no panty.
9. Haagen dazs dulce de leche ice cream.
10. If I'm paying JA$7000 for a party, please serve my food in a dinner size plate and not in a tea plate.
11. If I'm paying JA$7000 for a party, I shouldn't have to wait in a food line for more than 2 minutes.
12. If you didn't get much food, check with the staff who kept hoarding their share.
13. The female bartender in the bar in the food section who had a box of Appleton cups put aside for herself- not cool.
14. Definitely want to go back next year.....
** pic of "Psy" taken from Skkan