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Friday, January 10, 2014

Carnival 2014: T-52

In a follow up to my Planning for Carnival post and with about 52 days left to Carnival in Trinidad, I'm asking now- how prepared are you?

If you intend to play in one of the "it" bands, you should have proof of registration by now.  If you are still waiting on a "link" to come through; that dream was as real as Santa came down a chimney for Christmas.  But fear not friends, there are several low key bands with costumes available and for less.  I also believe that costumes can still be purchased from Island People, Passion, Petlemas, K2K, Ronnie and Caro or on costume resale websites like Carnival Junction.

At this point it is okay to use your costume as a profile pic for all social media platforms.  It is important that the costume is tattooed in your brain. This constant visualization helps with your mental and physical preparation such as choosing the colour of your boots, bag, and other accessories.  For some, we must be careful to assume that we will look like the model in the pic on Carnival Tuesday. Ha! Very few of us are blessed with a "Soowan"...but if you think it's possible, more power to you.

The Soowan
Diet and Exercise
Luckily, my costume provides full coverage, but if you are not so fortunate, this is a very critical stage for diet and exercise.  If Christmas messed up your plan, fear not, there is hope even though you may have to fight up with the resolutionists in the gym (oh and remember to keep us fatties motivated with hashtags like #instafit #carnivalbody #carnivalbodytunup #frontlinebody etc). I would also suggest that you accompany the gym routine with an oxygen diet for maximum results.  There is very little time for anything else and air is very low in calories.

On a serious note, don't worry too much if you haven't achieved the much hyped about "carnival body". Despite what is seen in the media, most people don't have it; well except for the chicks in Fantasy.

The airfare is extremely high at this point especially from the US.  From other Caribbean countries, you are looking at about US$500-600, which is pricey. Kudos to those who already bought their tickets and good luck to those who haven't.

I'm sorry if you haven't finalized accommodation because there is none available. None.  Your options now are limited to what my Jamaican friends refer to as "kotching".  You may ask to "kotch" at a Trini friend's  house or you may request to "kotch" with friends who already have accommodation. Now, this is no easy task because you are forcing yourself into someone's space so ensure to employ proper "kotchiquette": 
1. Always carry your own blow up bed and bedding
2. Offer to buy groceries or meals
3. Offer to pay for gas because your host will be forced to be hospitable and transport you around
4. Pick up some top shelf liquor in duty free for your host
5. Don't "re-kotch"- meaning, you should not have any guests/kotchees of your own

Fete Tickets
I said last year don't worry about tickets just yet, but if you do plan on going to the high profile fetes, tics should have already been procured. At this point in the game, no one is "considering" if to go to Vale Breakfast, Beach House, or C'est La Vie.  Either you are going or not, and like your costume receipt, going means tickets are in hand.  But fear not, in the land of fetes, the scalper is always king/queen...