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Thursday, January 28, 2010

16 days!!!!!

Okay so I have been distracted with JA Carnival and fell behind with my Trini Carnival preparation. But with little time left, a hectic work schedule and my friend's upcoming wedding, I'm starting to stress out....

Since Spice has discontinued their online payment option, I have to wait until I get there to make the final payment. As a result I am unable to benefit from the express costume collection which will only be available to masqueraders who finalize payments by February 2. In addition, my friend who saw the corset for Thailand told me that it is almost beige and not yellow as seen on their website. I am very wary of this as I am expecting a yellow and gold costume with a yellow and gold corset and will be disappointed if this is the case.

Everyone knows that I can't go anywhere empty handed so my Carnival bag is always important. There is a need to be prepared for any scenario and I always walk with necessities in my bag: MAC blotting powder, blistex, clean and clear blotting sheets, lipgloss, hand sanitizer, mini deodorant, a small toothbrush and toothpaste, excedrin, zantac, lomotil, clear nail polish, summer's eve feminine wipes, mini sunblock, money, small cell phone...As I said, I'm prepared for anything! So I obviously need a bag that will neatly hold all of these items. Luckily, I was able to get a gold swing pack from Avon for US$3.00 which I absolutely love...

I recently received my boots which I ordered from AmiClub wear for US$25....and I paid US$10 to the mail box company. I originally wanted 2 boots but I'm trying to cut costs and will recycle my footwear from last year for Monday. I am so pissed that I missed AmiClub's 50% off sale for Thanksgiving and Christmas where I would have been able to purchase the 2 boots...so I'm always checking their website now to ensure that I don't miss any sales.

Monday Wear
Now I am not in this business of wearing my costume on both Monday and Tuesday; not even part of it. I know that the bandleaders will prefer if we wear at least the costume top but I want a fresh costume on Tuesday so nutten nah go so for me. Spice does not offer Monday wear but you can purchase an extra shorts to match your costume for US$10. I do believe that you can wear something else that can match your costume so I was able to acquire a yellow and gold bikini from Guess for US$25. Now don't get too excited, I am not wearing this alone but with a white jumper from Victoria's Secret which I got last year for a beach party.

Make up Appointment
I loved my make up last year which was done by Makeda from Shades of Sugar and I'm hoping I can get her to do so again (keeping fingers crossed). The problem is that I don't want to leave my home in Chaguanas to meet a make up in artiste in POS or any where else at some ungodly hour. I'm also trying to get henna done to go with the whole Asian theme of the band...will let you know how that one goes....

Other Considerations
My stockings will be bought at Micles when I get to Trinidad. I don't have a problem with their brand and I love the low rise option.
To waterproof the feathers on my costume, I have remaining fletch dry powder and will not need to get more....so some money was saved in that area.
I'm working with a reliable pony tail (not mine) hairstyle, which went really well last year and it's easy so no long hours at the hairdresser.

Diet and Exercise
Non existent...big shout out to my boy Farley who sent a whole black cake for me from Tobago and ah eat the whole cake too!!!!

Still waiting on approval...you know this is a sore area for the non Trinis who don't get how important this trip is to my sanity and productivity...but the ticket already booked...so let's play along....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bacchanal Jamaica Media Launch Pics

The pics from Bacchanal's media launch have been posted on facebook. The captions for the pics indicate the sponsors: Emeralds of Chivor (green)- Heineken; Burmese Sunset (orange and black)- Jamaica Observer; Star of Asia (aquamarine)- Fame FM; Khalahir Sunset (orange and green)- Acropolis and Treasure of Kashmir (red)-Digicel. The pink costume which was not named on the group is clearly for the Bacchanal babes (surprise, surprise!)Is it safe to assume that the Diamonds of Kilimanjaro which was not featured is one the Frenchmen sections along with Gems of Rio Doce (blue) which is sponsored by Pure Country?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Music Please Mr. DeeJay...

Some of my JA peeps might not like this post but I'm going to say it any way...I'm sending a plea to the DeeJays in Kingston especially to those on the radio and at mas camp (one that I will not name)to get familiar with the 2010 soca songs PLEASE. It is mandatory that new soca songs be released every year because these songs define each Carnival season. It's okay to play a few old songs but the focus should remain on the songs of the current year. I'm tired of hearing the same old argument that Jamaicans prefer the old soca songs and they don't like the ones they haven't heard before...well, there was always a first time to hear any song (even Colin Lucas' Dollar Wine was heard for the first time at some point). If this argument does not hold for dancehall, why then is it used for soca? We are in 2010 and DJs can access the songs on the Internet or even link with another DJ in Trinidad to get some CDs and start introducing the songs from January...so when mas camp opens, the songs are not alien to the patrons and by Beach J'ouvert weekend and the Road March, persons will be wining to all of the latest songs. This would also ensure that Trini soca artistes will be able to perform their most recent songs without lukewarm reactions from the Jamaican audience. So all my JA peeps, who are interested in palancing for 2010 you can go to toronto-lime.com and streaming radio such as www.red967fm.com/nowplaying.aspx. Also ultimax.tv and synergy tv on jumptv.com offer viewing of soca videos and interviews with the artistes. You could also download DJ Private Ryan's Brainwash 2010 Pre carnival mix to your ipod or burn it on a CD so that you can have it in your car, gym, office, home etc. Check it out at www.djprivateryan.libsyn.com

More Bacchanal Costumes!!!!!

Another Bacchanal Jamaica costume, Star of Asia was posted on Facebook today. Kudos to them for trying different colour schemes. They have been recyling the same colours in the last 7 years and I'm glad that there has been some improvement in this area. There's also more beading on the bra (even the strap) and lots more on the waist band but again we are seeing this "recession headpiece". I do wish that they will identify the Frenchmen costumes to ease the suspense but I guess we can wait until tomorrow when the website will be up....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Congrats to Destra!!!!

A big shout out to the Queen of Soca, Destra Garcia who gave birth to her healthy daughter, Xaiya on Thursday. This picture was published in the Trinidad Guardian; she already looks like her Mummy!

The Jamaica Gleaner reported today that Destra and Atlantik will be performing for Bacchanal Jamaica so Destra I hope that you are taking it easy and please don't rush to get back to the stage...take time, your fans will be waiting....

First Look at Bacchanal Jamaica's Costumes

Today Bacchanal Jamaica released that their website will be up on Thursday with registration commencing on Tuesday (I'm assuming this is next Tuesday). Please do not take this information lightly as I remember Frenchmen costumes being sold out long before their opening night. If you have not played in the exclusive Frenchmen section before, you should also note that preference is given to those masqueraders.

The teaser costumes for Treasures were released on facebook today: Emeralds of Chivor, Diamonds of Kilimanjaro, Khalahir Sunstone. The Diamonds of Kilimanjaro (white)has my attention especially the design of the bra and the headpiece. I love the beads and the applique on Emeralds (green) but I'm not feeling the two feathers on the headpiece...I know there's a recession and the costumes prices have not increased but two feathers?? Finally, I refuse to comment on Khalahir Sunstone (orange)...what the...?

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Beyonce Bacchanal

So everyone knows by now that Ms. Sasha Fierce herself will be performing in Trinidad on February 18 (two days after Carnival) but in true Trini style, this concert has been met with serious opposition by some carnival interest groups. I really don't believe that the concert will cut into the profits of these groups...Not even the recession could cut some of these fete promoters' profits. The steady increase in fete prices without any reasonable justification ensures that the promoters will always win. Some of these all inclusives do not even feature performers or bands and receive corporate sponsorship but can cost from US$100. There's also an assumption that Trinibagonians are supporting an outsider over their own cultural forms...I don't think so. Yes, persons have cut back on their Carnival spending but this can be attributed to the economic atmosphere but there are sold out or near sold out Carnival bands, and tickets for many fetes are still difficult to obtain. So the blame should not rest on the concert, rather, let's use this opportunity to improve our Carnival experience...focus on creative costumes that are well made and fairly priced...improve customer service in mas camps...promoters need to ease up making their fetes too "exclusive", performers need to step up their game and think outside of the box and sponsors, the ministry and the public must improve their support for the pan. With that said, the dougla was unable to obtain the early bird tickets for the concert and will not be there but watching the "I Am...Yours. An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas" DVD which I am sure will be the exact performance in Trinidad!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sold Out Sections in Spice!!

After weeks of speculation about the actual number of masqueraders registered in Spice, the band has identified their sold out sections. According to a message sent through Facebook, Caspian Sea, Rubies of Mumbai, Wings of Isis and Merchants of Venice (Frontline and Backline)are all sold out. I still don't see what the big deal is about Spice not being sold out...but the band's PR should not mislead the public about the numbers. I do feel that Spice as a new band should have started in the medium band category and successfully manage those numbers before expanding into the large band category. But at the end of the day, I'm glad that I don't have to fight down anybody to give them my money to play in their band...

Bacchanal Jamaica Calendar of Events

Bacchanal Jamaica finally released their calendar of events for 2010. However, I would like some more information on costumes, registration and performers...They also need to update their website so that people outside of JA could begin their preparations...


Thursday, January 7, 2010

1 month 7days!!!!

I woke up this morning to a rude awakening....1 month 7days!!! I'm not sure how ready I am but things need to get rolling for Carnival 2010....It could be the recession, but I'm not feeling the anxiety among my Carnival peeps or it could just bemy geographical location. But here is where I am at this point:

Band of Choice
SPICE!!!!I played with Spice in 2009 after much speculation by the Tribe and Island People Loyalists! It was smaller than I expected but the experience was one of the best I ever had. I love Spice's presentation this year: The Spice Route...but I am not impressed with their prices...I guess this could be due to the recession. Let's put it this way....I paid the same cost this year for a backline costume with corset and no shorts for the same I paid last year for a Frontline costume, corset and shorts...that was a big jump and I am very disappointed that I could not play in a Frontline costume this year...Even if I could afford a Frontline costume this year, corsets were not an option for the Frontline costume and there was a bra limitation...so it was a no win situation! But I am very happy with my choice, Thailand which is different from any costume I've ever worn. So please Spice, don't disappoint...I don't care if you only have 200 masqueraders, just ensure that my costume looks exactly like the prototype (or better), that the drinks are flowing and that we get our lunch on time!

This is the first year, I have no idea of the fetes I am attending....again let's blame this on the recession....everything seems so expensive! I was counting on Atlantis but just read that the Warner brothers will not be hosting the fete this year. I am so over UWI Splash which I have done since my days at UWI. I really liked Splash since you always get to see all of the performers but the hours in traffic makes this one not worth it. I saw Machel at Normandie last year and felt it was a good change but I doubt that he'll be there this year. I want to do a breakfast party but too much fight down for tickets for some of them. I also want to see where my friends will be going...so this fete thing is very much up in the air..