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Monday, February 21, 2011


After I received the Bliss costume distribution schedule today...I got so much more excited for Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Titans will be distributed on Tuesday 1st but I won't be there yet so I'll just have to wait. I am praying to the costume gods that there won't be any problems with my costume. And since I opted for the fast track payment I hope I can collect quickly and try on the swimsuit since that's the part that always needs adjustment. But I also started thinking about how ready I am for Carnival.

The 3 most important things are confirmed: my plane ticket, my costume and my man...I am not in the business of wining on other people man so I walk with my own (I'll do a separate post on that).

Fete tickets
So far I'm confirmed for the beach house fete which I've never attended because I always felt it was an overpriced fete where people just went to look good...well look who paid for a seat on the bandwagon...Sunny side says that their couple tickets are sold out which is weird because we got tickets the day before the fete last year. And I'm still waiting on the crew to decide if we are going gold or platinum at Soca Monarch.

Monday Wear
Well after paying out of my eyeballs for my costume, there's not much left over for one of those gorgeous blinged out Monday wear options by Akin Ross I've seen on trinidadcarnivaldiary. So I'll just wear something from my closet- most likely simple white shorts, white top and my boots with my Chou Chou belle headband.

One of my girls got my boots at Shoekeepers last week- I don't think that I will ever divert from the picadilly brand which has been the most comfortable boots I've purchased. My ami club boots from last were very uncomfortable even though they were gorgeous. I also got my insoles online and will be reusing my toe protectors from last year.

Diet and Exercise
This time it was existent (more the exercise than the diet) but no results...I found myself backsliding on the weekend but on the plus side I've cut out or down on a lot of crap but don't judge if you see me lining up by kfc in New Kingston. So besides the kfc and the chocolate muffins from megamart (hence the muffin top), I think I'm on my way to healthier eating (might be a looonnng road).

Could you believe that the leave was appproved in a week????I guess they just decided not to fight me and just give in...

Earrings will be recycled as well as my gold avon swingpack from last year. You could see the post I did last year about my bag contents.

Make up Appointment
In true diva style, I made my appintment with Makeda from Shades of Sugar for both days but this was before she informed me that she had increased her fee to TT$250 and a downpayment is required so I'm not confirmed. I know that she's running a business and she wants to decrease the chance of someone not showing up but this will be my 3rd year and I think I have some credibility. In addition she knows I'm in Jamaica and it's inconvenient for me to do this. So we'll see how that goes...

I ordered my fletch dry powder a while back to waterproof the feathers since I need to ensure that the lovely feathers on the costume remain in all its glory...I still haven't found the weave for my hair so I'm off to the weave shops this week to find something long and straight....can we say a Beyonce ponytail...

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