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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bacchanal Jamaica 2011 Update

I guess it's no surprise to Bacchanal that the Frenchmen costumes were sold out in a matter days so they had to introduce a "third" section to appease the disappointed masses. This pic is from their FB group and not even the group administrator has seen the costume but we know that it will be JA$19500! wth! From past years, this 3rd section always look like an "add on"; it never seems as if much thought was put into it. But by now Bacchanal should know that they will always need this section; why are they surprised by the overwhelming response? Because I could have told them that....
They have also released information about the tshirt sections which will cost $11,500 for Frenchmen and Digicel tshirts will be priced at $9,500. Wth x 2! I went back to a post on their discussion board from last year which stated that tshirts were JA$8000 and JA$6000...now that is a ridiculous price increase! just for a tshirt? Now I don't know too much about the tshirt business but I know that Sun Island, Island T or Magic T are not superior tshirt brands so tshirt masqueraders will bring in the profits that Bacchanal couldn't get from the costume masqueraders.

But the bottom line is that, just like alcohol, marijuana and crack cocaine, no matter the price...people will pay for what they are addicted to....

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