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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Yuma, a new band has been getting a lot of attention on the blogs and facebook. The band says that they represent "Young Upwardly Mobile Adults" resulting in a new "vibe" for carnival...I'm not too sure what that means but all new bands always promise a new experience as a way to draw an already captured market.

Yuma's presentation, Zodeak is extremely sexy and does well with their interpretation of the beads/bikini/feathers genre. What I especially like is their promise of a small band; somewhere in the region of 1500 masqueraders. In the new band scene, Yuma seems to be the most appealing. Spice has to seriously consider Yuma as a threat since they lost designers Richard & Anthony to this band. These designers are what made Spice attractive in the first place.

I love the idea of choosing the section that represents your Zodiac sign. Luckily for me, Leo is a hott costume...a bit too naked...but I would definitely consider this section. The mane in the headpiece is creative as well as the lion's nose. But the back of the FL option leaves nothing to the imagination! just bare bamsee!

It's hard to mess up a red costume and the Scorpio FL is no exception...again....sexy. Richard and Anthony do the monokini so well and it has become their trademark in terms of Fl costumes.

Skepticism is usual for a new band...my biggest fear is an ill prepared and disorganized band. The fancy website, Ipads at the mas camp and an excellent marketing team are not as important as effecient customer service, proper replicas of costumes, sturdy costumes and an overall good road experience. Another negative is that Yuma is not providing any wholepieces or tankinis for the conservative sisters but masqueraders can supply their own corsets for an extra cost. So you will have to pay full price for the costume, buy your own corset and pay the additional charge to get the corset decorated.....Spice 1....Yuma 0

***yuma pics came from trinidadcarnivaldiary's FB page

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ah Feeling ah Bliss!

So Bliss is the "new" band on the scene....it's a part of Tribe and purports "Same Vibe...different Tribe". Apparently it falls under Tribe's management but will operate as a different band catering to a small number of masqueraders..."an intimate experience".
So is it really Tribe? A Tribe within a larger Tribe? How will I know if I am really in Tribe? or am I in a different band all together? (okay, I really did enjoy the movie Inception!).

I am really feeling the Titans costume and seriously considering playing in this band. I love a white costume and I also like that you can opt for the monokini or the wholepiece with the large belt. The wholesuit suits me and my muffin top very well and the belt should hide some of the love handles...The one shoulder feathers are gorgeous in both the Frontline and Backline and I have no problem with the small headpiece. According to their website, the FL is TT$5495 and the Backline TT$3950, which doesn't seem bad compared to what I paid in Spice last year. Although they have not provided registration information, the downpayment is TT$3000 (frontline) and TT$1500 (backline). However, since this will be an "intimate experience", you need to know someone on the committee to register and there's no online registration and I ain't know nobody being a nobody myself so let's see...Bliss 1...Spice 1
Come on Spice, you need to release your prices!

***pics of costumes are from their FB page

Monday, August 16, 2010

Spice's Lookbook

The Spice lookbook is now available on their website. I must admit that the electronic version of the costumes look a lot better than the triniscene photos. Kudos to Spice's marketing team for such a creative spin to their lookbook. I like that they included tips on choosing a costume to fit your body type and other information that will be useful to international or first time masqueraders.

However, Spice has to realize that masqueraders expect their actual costumes to look like the prototype which was a major concern for the Caspian Sea masqueraders this year. Also, costumes should be comfortable and practical. If you look at Spice photos, you will see so many headpiece-less masqueraders including myself because they were uncomfortable or just would not stay on. The large stones and braids are gorgeous but they can rip stockings or cut the skin which was my experience. And most importantly, where are the prices??????

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I was very disappointed that I was unable to view a live stream of Spice's launch on Sunday since triniscene opted to stream Yuma's launch which was held on the same night. After viewing the pics on trinidadcarnivaldiary, I wish I did go to the launch to view these costumes first hand because I felt deceived. I am trying to convince myself that I need to see the costumes in person because it probably looks way better than what I'm seeing. Honestly I'm not sure what went wrong with these designs and I am very disappointed since I've been singing Spice's praises since its inception.

After such a great presentation by Tribe, I expected more from Spice; also, their theme Signature Collection has so much room to be creative that their costumes did not need to look recycled. The colors are not mind grabbing or original and most of the designs look almost the same from 2010's Spice Route. I know that Anya loves the bling factor but some of these gems are grapefruit size that looks more gawdy than sexy. It is always a bad sign when you see the models holding up the headpieces at a launch which means that you will be doing the same on Carnival Tuesday. As for the male costumes....come on Spice...please...I am really tired of these bands who believe that guys are only concerned with drinks and the girls...which is no excuse to give them crap to wear!

If I had to chose, my faves are:
  • Haute Couture...which is grey, a unique colour for Carnival and the FL is just my style.
  • Jubilee .....the signature for this section is Fab and it always had my attention because I am a sucker for a white costume.
  • Vines of Syrah...the FL is also a lovely contrast of green feathers and the attachment of the bra to the belt is creative.

Spice also needs to take into consideration the criticisms they received for poor customer service, long waits for costumes; poor replication of costumes and the disorganized lunch stop. I believe that these problems would deter those masqueraders who decided to give Spice a chance this year.

I'm still not sure if I will be with Spice next year but all depends on the costing of the costumes and the availability of corsets because I need to hold down my muffin top.....

***see more pics on their FB page

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tribe's "The Way of the Warrior"

Some people may know that I'm not a big Tribe supporter; don't get me wrong I've played mas with them before and it's the best service I've ever experienced as a masquerader. However, what really turned me off was the frenzy to get into the band. I'm not going to rush and fight to get into any band but kudos to the Tribe die hards who will do what it takes (and I mean anything!)to get into this band.

But I have to say that their presentation this year caught my attention...I am glad that some of their costumes even though still within the bikini/beads/feathers genre, do not look like something we've seen before. However, it will definitely be a Frontline or Buss situation because the Frontlines sell off! Also, the males have been finally recognized and there has been a significant improvement in the offerings to our guys; they even have Frontline/Individual options!

My top 3 faves are:
Xi'an Warrior (Sandra Hordatt)- I love love that there are no gems and feathers and it looks so Xena-like.
Iroquois (Rhiannon Pemberton)- The color scheme is wicked and that cage bra is so sexy!
Masai Tribal Warriors (Peter Elias)- I like Peter's use of the Kinte cloth and the color scheme for the males...it's so warrior-ish.

Like always, Tribe's costumes are sexy and skimpy and there would be a serious problem if I wore any of these costumes...but I do hope that there are some sexy cover up options for the sistas who have muffin tops. Most importantly, it's one thing to like the costumes and to hold a desire to play in the band...but how do plan to get into the band???
***pics came from mimi's blog, where you can also see the entire presentation.