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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jamaica Carnival: Sunrise Breakfast Fete Review

Sunrise Breakfast Fete
April 26, 2014
The Lawns of Hope Zoo

I think I was excited for this breakfast fete since April 2013.  In fact, I was probably too excited because I wasn't blown away.

This year, the fete was bigger and a true representation of what an all-inclusive breakfast party should look like.  All of the elements were there: easy parking, a food court, an array of breakfast dishes (some of which were catered by Jacqui Tyson), several bars, a coconut water stand, bashy restrooms, but the best part was the chilled rags.

The music was pumping and we even got a fantastic 30-minute performance from Kerwin DuBois.  Machel and Skinny Fabulous also performed.  I really enjoyed these performances.

And can you talk about people; it seemed like the entire soca fraternity came out for this one.  Some people couldn't even bother to change after J'ouvert and came with their paint and all.  Side note: I find allyuh had enough time to go home, bathe, and change eh

My major issue with this fete since has always been the limited bar.  Because it's sponsored by CPJ, patrons  are forced to drink Dewars, Campari, Grey Goose and other CPJ beverage brands.  I can't tell you how much I hate Dewars, which tastes like death and the tears of small children.  But what killed the vibe for me was the heat.  That was a no joke heat even with the chilled rags. So by about 10:30 am, sweat stains were forming on my shirt and I was ready to leave.  Call me bourgie or whatever, but I didn't dress up to sweat like a nun at a cucumber stall....

Bless up Sunnation for those chilled rags

I'm almost sure that most patrons felt that this fete was epic (I know... I know ..we need put that term in the vault), but I didn't get that vibe.  It had everything and more for a great fete, but for me it was just okay....

Jamaica Carnival: I Love Soca Review

I Love Soca
April 23, 2014
Hope Gardens

I Love Soca was huge this year.  If you see people!  This fete has come a long way and it's safe to say that the Wednesday before Carnival in Jamaica will belong to the  I Love Soca promoters for a long time.

I really liked that they used a bigger part of Hope Gardens to accommodate the obvious increase in patrons.  Man the place was ram...it seemed that all the soca fans came out and then some...Machel, Konshens, Cecile, Chris Martin, Shaggy, Kerwin DuBois, Mr Killa...and a few other celebs were also present...

A Too Real moment (literally)

I walked with my 4 main necessities for a cooler fete: ice, scotch, coconut water, and a cup.  I love cooler fetes because I don't have to worry about bars with no scotch, no coconut water, only Dewars, and small cups with too much ice.  The only drawback is that you may drink a tad too much.  Good drinks combined with a good selection of music from Richie, Dei Musicale, and Nuphoric gave this fete vibes and more vibes. Everyone was clearly having a ball even if they had to go to work the following day.

At a point the music level got so low you could have a conversation easily without raising your voice.  For some, this was a vibes killer, but it is the price we pay for a fete held on weekday near a residential area.  The other complaint is Lil Rick.  As much as I love his songs, he just didn't seem like a good fit because he was so boring.  I just wanted him to stop.

All in all, I Love Soca delivered and was not a disappointment.  See you next year