Thursday, January 28, 2010

16 days!!!!!

Okay so I have been distracted with JA Carnival and fell behind with my Trini Carnival preparation. But with little time left, a hectic work schedule and my friend's upcoming wedding, I'm starting to stress out....

Since Spice has discontinued their online payment option, I have to wait until I get there to make the final payment. As a result I am unable to benefit from the express costume collection which will only be available to masqueraders who finalize payments by February 2. In addition, my friend who saw the corset for Thailand told me that it is almost beige and not yellow as seen on their website. I am very wary of this as I am expecting a yellow and gold costume with a yellow and gold corset and will be disappointed if this is the case.

Everyone knows that I can't go anywhere empty handed so my Carnival bag is always important. There is a need to be prepared for any scenario and I always walk with necessities in my bag: MAC blotting powder, blistex, clean and clear blotting sheets, lipgloss, hand sanitizer, mini deodorant, a small toothbrush and toothpaste, excedrin, zantac, lomotil, clear nail polish, summer's eve feminine wipes, mini sunblock, money, small cell phone...As I said, I'm prepared for anything! So I obviously need a bag that will neatly hold all of these items. Luckily, I was able to get a gold swing pack from Avon for US$3.00 which I absolutely love...

I recently received my boots which I ordered from AmiClub wear for US$25....and I paid US$10 to the mail box company. I originally wanted 2 boots but I'm trying to cut costs and will recycle my footwear from last year for Monday. I am so pissed that I missed AmiClub's 50% off sale for Thanksgiving and Christmas where I would have been able to purchase the 2 I'm always checking their website now to ensure that I don't miss any sales.

Monday Wear
Now I am not in this business of wearing my costume on both Monday and Tuesday; not even part of it. I know that the bandleaders will prefer if we wear at least the costume top but I want a fresh costume on Tuesday so nutten nah go so for me. Spice does not offer Monday wear but you can purchase an extra shorts to match your costume for US$10. I do believe that you can wear something else that can match your costume so I was able to acquire a yellow and gold bikini from Guess for US$25. Now don't get too excited, I am not wearing this alone but with a white jumper from Victoria's Secret which I got last year for a beach party.

Make up Appointment
I loved my make up last year which was done by Makeda from Shades of Sugar and I'm hoping I can get her to do so again (keeping fingers crossed). The problem is that I don't want to leave my home in Chaguanas to meet a make up in artiste in POS or any where else at some ungodly hour. I'm also trying to get henna done to go with the whole Asian theme of the band...will let you know how that one goes....

Other Considerations
My stockings will be bought at Micles when I get to Trinidad. I don't have a problem with their brand and I love the low rise option.
To waterproof the feathers on my costume, I have remaining fletch dry powder and will not need to get some money was saved in that area.
I'm working with a reliable pony tail (not mine) hairstyle, which went really well last year and it's easy so no long hours at the hairdresser.

Diet and Exercise
Non existent...big shout out to my boy Farley who sent a whole black cake for me from Tobago and ah eat the whole cake too!!!!

Still waiting on know this is a sore area for the non Trinis who don't get how important this trip is to my sanity and productivity...but the ticket already let's play along....


  1. lmao!!! u go girl!!!! get ready for d road!!!

  2. hey trini dougla...where did you get the waterproof powder?? thanks so much..

  3. Hey Gracia, check 3Rivers Archery site: