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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thailand: I am ready!

I got to Hilton around 2:45pm and was pleasantly surprised by the very spacious ballroom for the costume collection...a big improvement from last year. I must say that Spice stepped up big time in that area. There were a lot of Spice personnel collecting payment and distributing costumes. I guess i missed the rush because I didn't have to wait as only four other persons were collecting. Even some of the cashiers looked bored...but I'm not complaining. Our payments were finalized very quicky, although they gave us a 6:1 exchange rate on our US; so next time I will be paying in TT dollars.

I then got all my pieces which I fitted and had the belt adjusted and the corset strap shortened. While waiting on the adjustments, I helped myself to a complimentary Monster drink and a cup of water while skimming through an Ezone magazine (my boy Kees on the cover yes!). I love my costume for the most part but not very impressed with the corset. I feel very short changed with the beading on the corset....the bikini bra has so much gold beading that covers the entire cup whereas the corset only has 2 rows of beading...so much for my extra $500. The corset is also not yellow like the bikini top and is really beige which brings down the entire costume. This difference really shows that the costumes are designed with a bikini in mind and not the corset which is just an alternative but the truth is that I'm just glad that I have this option. Otherwise, the headpiece, belt, and accessories are all great and very much resemble the prototype. I just love this headpiece which is light and the yellow and gold are very vibrant.

Spice also had "souvenir" tshirts aka monday tshirts on sale for $100. Well everybody knows I love Spice and I want the world to know that I played in Spice so yes I bought one!

Now on to the recession goodie bag....where's my condom????? No condom in the female bags but the men got four...hello spice...women need condoms too!!! let's not leave it up to the men to guarantee protection, but we need to ensure that we are also always prepared.. no wonder women feel guilty to purchase condoms! Anyway, I already ate half the contents of the goodie bag and it's a really nice bag too so much that my mum already claimed ownership of the bag...

  • Lays potato chips

  • Honey Bunches of oats

  • Club social biscuit

  • Dove body wash

  • 1 pack of Advil

  • Monster rag

  • Monster bracelet

  • Thong panty liners

  • Spice cup

  • No Condoms...no sunblock!

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