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Monday, February 8, 2010

My Road March Faves

I don't have a crystal ball but I'm really rooting for Faye Ann Lyons again for the Road March winner...I love True Lies and I'm really getting this vibes for the road. It's clearly a follow up to Meet Superblue and there's a catcy hook, if everything they say about me is true ...hear what to do.....That line is wicked. In my book Baby Blue can do no wrong and I will go a step further and name her winner for the Power Monarch! Here is a list of favourite songs this year:
Faye Ann Lyons - True Lies
Faye Ann Lyons- Start Wining
Zombie- Blaxx*
Hunting- Blaxx*
Road Show- Patrice Roberts
Palance- JW and Blaze

* Blaxx, I really hope that you hitting the gym and getting ready for the Soca Monarch; you don't want a repeat of 2008...

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