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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Island People's Girl Power Fete

So many questions after Island People's Girl Power fete:

  1. Why it had so much man?

  2. Why the VIP was significantly larger than the General?

  3. Why couldn't you buy less than $40 in chits in the General section?

  4. How come the bartenders didn't know the prices of the drinks?

  5. Who are the Girl Power dancers? And why were they necessary?

  6. Did Island People limit their orders of rags and balloons?

  7. Why don't they assign each island or country a designated space so that each performer will not have to ask "anybody from Barbados; anybody from Brooklyn; where my UK crew: anybody from Trinidad (not Tobago)?"
    Who taught the new guy in Imij to wine? He needs several follow up sessions.

  8. Does Kees need a shirt-take-offer? (I'm available!)

  9. Where was KARMA????

  10. Most importantly where was the doubles man?

If you have answers to any of these questions, PLEASE leave a comment

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