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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Who Wants to be an Angel?

This has been a really slow summer for me so there hasn't been much to blog about. I've been trying to finish up my MPhil thesis to submit which brought on a whole heap of UWI drama which is not worth blogging about. I'll just say that I need to get this degree so I can move on with my life.

I was also pretty bored with the band launches until I saw Fantasy Carnival's 2012 presentation, Book of Angels. Well you know I love new bands. I have absolutely no band loyalty and as an independent masquerader, I am always willing to try a new band so they had my attention.

Fantasy has always been on the Jouvert scene and the same committee does the Jamboree fetes so they may not be completely daft to band management. As usual I am interesed in their FL prices and corset options in order to make a decision. The costumes have already captured my attention- wings galore! The costumes are well designed and capture the epitomy of pretty mas. But would we expect anything less from designers, Richard and Anthony who gave Spice and YUMA an impressive entrance into the band scene.

I know I have said that I am hesitant to play mas next year since I'm tired of the drama. But Fantasy is making this decision very difficult to adhere to. IF I am playing. and that is a big IF, I would like a FL costume with wings, a small headpiece; easy registration for the costume I love (which is Power), a corset option, accessories that don't rip my stockings, a reasonable price, a small band and just a drama-free experience.

***the pic of the Power costume came from Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Costume Photos

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