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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tribers...allyuh ready?

Although I am not a big Tribe fan, I am excited to see how their 2012 costume concept comes to life for their launch on July 23, 2011. I am even more excited to see how crazy people will get to secure a Tribe costume. It's clear that Tribe has staying power; no matter how expensive or overcrowded this band gets, it just seems to attract more and more people. And even with the advent of new large bands, it has not lost its appeal. The few people that do decide to migrate to these new bands are quickly replaced by masqueraders who are willing to sell their kidneys, house and mother in a heart beat to secure a costume. Even after people complain about Tribe, they then find themselves 5 months later with a severe case of Tribenesia, fighting to get back in the band they swore never to play with again....

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