Monday, March 29, 2010

Beach J'ouvert 2010

Beach Jóuvert is a must-go during the Jamaica Carnival season. I absolutely love this fete even though it can cost you a pretty penny. First of all, it is not Jóuvert in the way that Trinbagonians would conceptualize Jóuvert. It takes place between 2pm and 10 pm so it does not go into the early morning and does not serve as an "opening"to carnival...It's just a fete on the beach with paint. James Bond beach is a good venue even though it's about 2 and a half hrs outside of Kingston (you know for Trinbagonians, that real far) and there's always a really energetic performance from a band from Trinidad. Last year I had a ball with Machel's performance which went on for over an hour so I'm looking forward to Faye ann and Bunji this all know how much I love baby blue!

Now I know how much the JA peeps love Ding Dong and this Holiday sh$t...I'm sorry but if I ever have to hear that song's another one to lock away in the songs-never-to-be-heard- again vault. I really am not looking forward to Ding Dong at Beach Jóuvert; it just doesn't seem appropriate similar to Busy Signal at the Destra show on Friday and no, I am not hating on dancehall (just Ding Dong).

Kudos to Bacchanal Jamaica for keeping the price of the fete the same as last year at JA$3800 (drinks inclusive), but there may be some other costs invloved. You may need to stay overnight at a hotel because as I stated earlier that's a long a$$ drive (that is, if you are a Trinbagonian), and there are also other events on that weekend so you may want to make the most of it.

Some other considerations you may want to make note of:
  • Although it is a J'ouvert you may want to ditch your painted clothes from the last 3 J'ouverts. The paint session does not begin until 4pm so you may want to look cute until then. Choose an outfit that you have worn a lot of times and you don't mind throwing away. I would suggest shorts and a vest with a bikini top; a swimsuit with a cover up dress/pants or if you are real sexy, you can just wear the swimsuit.
  • I know some of my ladies are concerned about their hair so choose a hat/cap that goes with your outfit or just keep your plastic steam cap on hand; this paint is very difficult to wash out of your hair especially if the hair is not yours so keep your hairstyle cheap.
  • Leave all valuables at home; some cheap costume jewelery to accesorize your outfit can work.
  • Again, use an old handbag or clutch to carry your keys, some cash and a generic cell phone (leave the blackberrys at home).
  • A ziplock bag for your camera is necessary because there will be paint everywhere; or a disposable camera can work.
  • You should have a change of clothes in the car as well as a towel.
  • Please line your car seats and head rests with plastic or towels because the paint does not come off easily. Even the seatbelts will be tainted.

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