Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Carnival Boots

In the last few years, it's clear that boots are the dominant foot wear for Trinidad Carnival. Even this year I saw very few masqueraders in sneakers. Yes people, boots are in and sneakers are slowly fading out. However, I am not condemning any one who chooses to wear their sneakers because they have placed comfort over fashion. I've worn boots for the last two years and they really add that extra sexiness to your costume; boots in general are always sexy! I even took pics of some of my favourite boots this year in Spice.

I saw very few people in boots last year for Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival but I suspect that the trend will catch on this year. If you do choose boots, ensure that it's flat although some carnival divas take the chance with wedge or heel boots...(big respect to those ladies!). Your selection should have a round front which ensures adequate wiggle room. Most of all, they must be comfortable. You can always insert a Dr. Scholls insole for that extra cushioning. If you are using an insole, then you should purchase the boots a half size or a size larger.
Most importantly don't be afraid to glamourize your boots: add some more feathers, gems, glitter, braid or even spray them different colours....

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