Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mess Camp Last Night

I have lost a lot of interest in mas camp on Friday nights for a couple of years now hence the reason why I decided to go only on band nights. However, I really wanted to see Shal last night and made my way there with a sponsor ticket so I could not go in the VIP section. I realized why I usually go the VIP section..these people are too wild in the regular section. I did not even get the chance to enjoy the performance because I was pushed, shoved, and three drinks were emptied on me stoosh or whatever but not me again!

Now on to the midst of dodging drinks and the mob attack, these were my observations:
  1. Why did we hear more of the backing tracks rather than Shal's voice? Probably the microphone didn't work well at the time
  2. Why did Shal sing Palance more than his own songs?
  3. Is Shal part Jamaican? Because his accent and language was very Jamaican? I guess this may happen when you have been in a country for 24hrs.
  4. After calling 5 girls on the stage, why couldn't any of them demonstrate a "wine and bend over"? It was very disappointing that not ONE of these girls could wine.
  5. Where was Screws?

After Shal's performance, I decided to stay and enjoy the rest of the night. By this time, I had a lot to drink but not even alcohol could help me to enjoy this mess of a party. I am putting this out there again for the mas camp DJs, if you need a soca 2010 CD, let me know, I will drop one off for charge! These DJs played so much CRAP last night that they should be sent for some kind of training on the basics of playing soca music in a party. There was no focus on the different periods of the songs with a lot of randomness, and there was too much repetition of the songs. There's no shortage of soca songs so you do not need to repeat the songs so often and don't get me started on the 3 new songs that I heard.

My next problem was the same DJ constantly asking patrons to throw their drinks in the and all. And I also blame the damn STUPID patrons who followed the DJ's request because the drinks were not free. Why would throw away the drink you paid good money for?

So how did this end? I left mas camp disappointed,wet and sticky from all those drinks that fell on me and sober.....

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