Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bazodee 2010

One of my favorite Jamaican Carnival fetes is Bazodee. This all inlcusive event will be held on Saturday April 10, 2010 in Cherry you know it's a big shot fete with big shot money. There's no advertised outlet to purchase tickets but a reservation system through email. You will later collect the tickets in a sealed envelope after they've contact you...yes people this is an "exclusive" event!

The fete is also big with the trinis because you are guaranteed to get a taste of all your favourite trini dishes: doubles, roti, aloo pie, pholourie and bake and saltfish...I tell you I would have made my poor mother ashamed with my likrishness last year and after all that I still had the haagen daz ice cream (a lot of people already know how I feel about this marvelous delicacy) and chased it with green apple vodka and apple juice....Ah was nice with serious heartburn.

So peeps reserve your tickets as soon as possible and if you like me,walk with your zantac or andrews....


  1. Well that is something to definitely look forward too... Never heard about making reservations for tickets before, but there is a first time for everything....

  2. Lol, first of all, the fete is not advertised; if you are on their mailing list, they will email the info to you. I think the reservation is just to ensure that you get the ticket as there aren't advertised outlets to purchase the tickets.

  3. Any idea on how to get on mailing list?

  4. try sending an email to