Friday, April 2, 2010

Toe Protectors for Carnival

I read about toe protectors on and it caught my attention since I've lost many big toe nails over the years all in the name of mas. I did some research and purchased a Visco-Gel Toe Protector from PediFix. It's a soft fabric sleeve that is lined with a gel and it stretches easily over your toe. It's large enough to fit over your big toe but can be used on the other toes as well. The aim is to protect your toe especially if you are prone to ingrown nails, corns or any form of toe discomfort and the fabric allows your toe breathe while in the sleeve. I purchased it on for US$6.38 and it arrived in about one week. I'm going to try it with my boots for carnival in Jamaica but it could also be worn with sneakers too...will let you know how it goes....check out the reviews on amazon:

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