Friday, March 19, 2010

Shal at Mas Camp Tonight

In an attempt to attract more patrons to their non-band nights, Bacchanal Jamaica will be hosting Shal Marshall tonight at Mas Camp. I am hoping that Shal will not have to try too hard to gain the audience's attention. It is difficult to be the sole performer for the night especially with backing tracks. Shal has about four popular songs that I believe he will perform tonight: Love Somebody, Gyal Farm, Bum Bum Ville and Police (note that all of these are collaborations). I know that Shal is one of those DJs who wants to prove that he can successfully get into the soca game, a trend started by Chinese Laundry. Along with Slaughter and Jason Williams, these DJs are giving the veteran soca artises serious competition. Even at the Soca Monarch, JW and Blaze was able to capture the title over Faye Ann Lyons, and Shal and Screws had one of the best stage presentations which gave them fourth place.

The DJs also have the advantage of knowing what type of songs are appealing to their already familar audience. They also control the medium that get those songs to their audiences so they can't complain that the radio stations aren't playing their songs which are the constant cries of new soca artistes.

Btw, where's Screws???? Shal could have brought him too!

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