Friday, April 16, 2010

Bacchanal Jamaica 2010: A Success???

I don't know much about PR but Bacchanal Jamaica really think I really stupid and that I have short term memory because I got a message from them in my FB account this week singing their praises. Now, I am not saying that I didn't enjoy myself cause I real palance and some people probably have that on camera, but don't expect me, a paying customer to forget the sh$t that people went through since the band launched earlier this year.

Furthermore, they have the audacity to quote one of their people praising the band, "Bacchanal Jamaica PR manager Renee Hartley said, 'It was an amazing and fulfilling bacchanal journey and the rain just added to the merriment. Seeing the love and unity between everyone this season makes me only look forward to another successful and unforgettable year." Steups, I know for sure that there was no love and unity when dozens of people didn't get their entire costume on the Friday before, or when people realized that the costume didn't fit the way it should or when people waited for up to thirty minutes to get their lunch. So Ms. Hartley stop feeding people this PR bullsh$t. In fact you should address some of the following:
  • Registration began without any prototypes of the costumes on display.

  • Female masqueraders should have been able to try on the bra at registration.

  • Come on, we all know that Frenchmen was not sold out when you said it was.

  • The tshirts should have been ready the same time as the costumes.

  • What's with these Bacchanal babes??? Why would you help to promote body discrimination by allowing these people to "select" their masqueraders based on a full length photograph. These people are paying their money; it's not like the costume free!

  • All of the costumes should have been ready for the stipulated distribution time.

  • Some of the bras should have fit better; check your suppliers for quality.

  • You need to recognize that all of your masqueraders are not the same size so consider the diversity of body types.

  • The distribution process is too slow and disorganized.

  • Please explain the mishaps at the lunch stop: why were some people unable to get their lunch in an effecient manner? Because someone was not in babes or Frenchmen does not mean that they should be completely disregarded.

  • Where were the security guards in Half Way Tree?

  • On a personal note, I did not get my complimentary Pure Country orange juice!
So stop acting like everything was fine and dandy because there are people like me who know that when I give you my money, you are not doing me a favour so treat me like a paying customer. Guess what? Mas is a business so act like you know how to run it.....

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