Saturday, August 21, 2010


Yuma, a new band has been getting a lot of attention on the blogs and facebook. The band says that they represent "Young Upwardly Mobile Adults" resulting in a new "vibe" for carnival...I'm not too sure what that means but all new bands always promise a new experience as a way to draw an already captured market.

Yuma's presentation, Zodeak is extremely sexy and does well with their interpretation of the beads/bikini/feathers genre. What I especially like is their promise of a small band; somewhere in the region of 1500 masqueraders. In the new band scene, Yuma seems to be the most appealing. Spice has to seriously consider Yuma as a threat since they lost designers Richard & Anthony to this band. These designers are what made Spice attractive in the first place.

I love the idea of choosing the section that represents your Zodiac sign. Luckily for me, Leo is a hott costume...a bit too naked...but I would definitely consider this section. The mane in the headpiece is creative as well as the lion's nose. But the back of the FL option leaves nothing to the imagination! just bare bamsee!

It's hard to mess up a red costume and the Scorpio FL is no Richard and Anthony do the monokini so well and it has become their trademark in terms of Fl costumes.

Skepticism is usual for a new biggest fear is an ill prepared and disorganized band. The fancy website, Ipads at the mas camp and an excellent marketing team are not as important as effecient customer service, proper replicas of costumes, sturdy costumes and an overall good road experience. Another negative is that Yuma is not providing any wholepieces or tankinis for the conservative sisters but masqueraders can supply their own corsets for an extra cost. So you will have to pay full price for the costume, buy your own corset and pay the additional charge to get the corset decorated.....Spice 1....Yuma 0

***yuma pics came from trinidadcarnivaldiary's FB page

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