Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ah Feeling ah Bliss!

So Bliss is the "new" band on the's a part of Tribe and purports "Same Vibe...different Tribe". Apparently it falls under Tribe's management but will operate as a different band catering to a small number of masqueraders..."an intimate experience".
So is it really Tribe? A Tribe within a larger Tribe? How will I know if I am really in Tribe? or am I in a different band all together? (okay, I really did enjoy the movie Inception!).

I am really feeling the Titans costume and seriously considering playing in this band. I love a white costume and I also like that you can opt for the monokini or the wholepiece with the large belt. The wholesuit suits me and my muffin top very well and the belt should hide some of the love handles...The one shoulder feathers are gorgeous in both the Frontline and Backline and I have no problem with the small headpiece. According to their website, the FL is TT$5495 and the Backline TT$3950, which doesn't seem bad compared to what I paid in Spice last year. Although they have not provided registration information, the downpayment is TT$3000 (frontline) and TT$1500 (backline). However, since this will be an "intimate experience", you need to know someone on the committee to register and there's no online registration and I ain't know nobody being a nobody myself so let's see...Bliss 1...Spice 1
Come on Spice, you need to release your prices!

***pics of costumes are from their FB page

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