Monday, August 16, 2010

Spice's Lookbook

The Spice lookbook is now available on their website. I must admit that the electronic version of the costumes look a lot better than the triniscene photos. Kudos to Spice's marketing team for such a creative spin to their lookbook. I like that they included tips on choosing a costume to fit your body type and other information that will be useful to international or first time masqueraders.

However, Spice has to realize that masqueraders expect their actual costumes to look like the prototype which was a major concern for the Caspian Sea masqueraders this year. Also, costumes should be comfortable and practical. If you look at Spice photos, you will see so many headpiece-less masqueraders including myself because they were uncomfortable or just would not stay on. The large stones and braids are gorgeous but they can rip stockings or cut the skin which was my experience. And most importantly, where are the prices??????

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