Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Music Please Mr. DeeJay...

Some of my JA peeps might not like this post but I'm going to say it any way...I'm sending a plea to the DeeJays in Kingston especially to those on the radio and at mas camp (one that I will not name)to get familiar with the 2010 soca songs PLEASE. It is mandatory that new soca songs be released every year because these songs define each Carnival season. It's okay to play a few old songs but the focus should remain on the songs of the current year. I'm tired of hearing the same old argument that Jamaicans prefer the old soca songs and they don't like the ones they haven't heard before...well, there was always a first time to hear any song (even Colin Lucas' Dollar Wine was heard for the first time at some point). If this argument does not hold for dancehall, why then is it used for soca? We are in 2010 and DJs can access the songs on the Internet or even link with another DJ in Trinidad to get some CDs and start introducing the songs from when mas camp opens, the songs are not alien to the patrons and by Beach J'ouvert weekend and the Road March, persons will be wining to all of the latest songs. This would also ensure that Trini soca artistes will be able to perform their most recent songs without lukewarm reactions from the Jamaican audience. So all my JA peeps, who are interested in palancing for 2010 you can go to and streaming radio such as Also and synergy tv on offer viewing of soca videos and interviews with the artistes. You could also download DJ Private Ryan's Brainwash 2010 Pre carnival mix to your ipod or burn it on a CD so that you can have it in your car, gym, office, home etc. Check it out at

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