Monday, January 11, 2010

The Beyonce Bacchanal

So everyone knows by now that Ms. Sasha Fierce herself will be performing in Trinidad on February 18 (two days after Carnival) but in true Trini style, this concert has been met with serious opposition by some carnival interest groups. I really don't believe that the concert will cut into the profits of these groups...Not even the recession could cut some of these fete promoters' profits. The steady increase in fete prices without any reasonable justification ensures that the promoters will always win. Some of these all inclusives do not even feature performers or bands and receive corporate sponsorship but can cost from US$100. There's also an assumption that Trinibagonians are supporting an outsider over their own cultural forms...I don't think so. Yes, persons have cut back on their Carnival spending but this can be attributed to the economic atmosphere but there are sold out or near sold out Carnival bands, and tickets for many fetes are still difficult to obtain. So the blame should not rest on the concert, rather, let's use this opportunity to improve our Carnival experience...focus on creative costumes that are well made and fairly priced...improve customer service in mas camps...promoters need to ease up making their fetes too "exclusive", performers need to step up their game and think outside of the box and sponsors, the ministry and the public must improve their support for the pan. With that said, the dougla was unable to obtain the early bird tickets for the concert and will not be there but watching the "I Am...Yours. An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas" DVD which I am sure will be the exact performance in Trinidad!

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