Thursday, January 7, 2010

1 month 7days!!!!

I woke up this morning to a rude awakening....1 month 7days!!! I'm not sure how ready I am but things need to get rolling for Carnival 2010....It could be the recession, but I'm not feeling the anxiety among my Carnival peeps or it could just bemy geographical location. But here is where I am at this point:

Band of Choice
SPICE!!!!I played with Spice in 2009 after much speculation by the Tribe and Island People Loyalists! It was smaller than I expected but the experience was one of the best I ever had. I love Spice's presentation this year: The Spice Route...but I am not impressed with their prices...I guess this could be due to the recession. Let's put it this way....I paid the same cost this year for a backline costume with corset and no shorts for the same I paid last year for a Frontline costume, corset and shorts...that was a big jump and I am very disappointed that I could not play in a Frontline costume this year...Even if I could afford a Frontline costume this year, corsets were not an option for the Frontline costume and there was a bra it was a no win situation! But I am very happy with my choice, Thailand which is different from any costume I've ever worn. So please Spice, don't disappoint...I don't care if you only have 200 masqueraders, just ensure that my costume looks exactly like the prototype (or better), that the drinks are flowing and that we get our lunch on time!

This is the first year, I have no idea of the fetes I am attending....again let's blame this on the recession....everything seems so expensive! I was counting on Atlantis but just read that the Warner brothers will not be hosting the fete this year. I am so over UWI Splash which I have done since my days at UWI. I really liked Splash since you always get to see all of the performers but the hours in traffic makes this one not worth it. I saw Machel at Normandie last year and felt it was a good change but I doubt that he'll be there this year. I want to do a breakfast party but too much fight down for tickets for some of them. I also want to see where my friends will be this fete thing is very much up in the air..


  1. is about time u made a blog! lol...but spice to the world!!!! we'll have a blast

  2. I feel the same way that you feel about carnival this year. I'm really not in the mood, but the ticket is brought so I will make the best of the situation. BTW, nice blog.

  3. thanks patty! which band are u playing with?