Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Look at Bacchanal Jamaica's Costumes

Today Bacchanal Jamaica released that their website will be up on Thursday with registration commencing on Tuesday (I'm assuming this is next Tuesday). Please do not take this information lightly as I remember Frenchmen costumes being sold out long before their opening night. If you have not played in the exclusive Frenchmen section before, you should also note that preference is given to those masqueraders.

The teaser costumes for Treasures were released on facebook today: Emeralds of Chivor, Diamonds of Kilimanjaro, Khalahir Sunstone. The Diamonds of Kilimanjaro (white)has my attention especially the design of the bra and the headpiece. I love the beads and the applique on Emeralds (green) but I'm not feeling the two feathers on the headpiece...I know there's a recession and the costumes prices have not increased but two feathers?? Finally, I refuse to comment on Khalahir Sunstone (orange)...what the...?

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