Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A little Late for the Foreplay

I know this review for Frenchmen's Foreplay is way way too late, but I'm gonna address it anyway. It could be that I haven't been to this party in years but the party sell off...
My only major complaint is that I didn't like the venue at Llandovery Farms in Ocho Rios. Let's just say that it was really a farm and smelled like one. The party had all the frills such as massages, make up, carnival costumes, coffee stations, but for me, it's all about the food, drinks, parking and toilets. I have to note that after paying JA$6500, I expected that there will be food even at 8:00pm, so I was kinda hungry. The line at the toilets wasn't funny. Promoters need to learn that that once you have plenty women in a drinks inclusive party, they are going to want to pee very often so have more toilets!

Otherwise the music was great (except at the end), the drinks were flowing with short lines at the bar and the party had nuff vibes. This is a definite recommend if you want to party with the whole of uptown Kingston and their aspirants. On a final note, I'll just just quote one of my Trini friends- "Why is there a party 2 and a half hours away from Kingston with only people from Kingston?"....

***you are supposed to see the fireworks in this pic which was really cool; you know trinis like a fireworks

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