Sunday, November 27, 2011

Anya's Take me to the Runway

Well Anya Ayoung Chee really took us to therunway with this design for Tribe's 2012 presentation. Boy, what a piece of nekkidness but it sexy for so. The design doesn't really stand out as original, but I like the colours. It also has a pocahontas feel with the materials and design of the headpiece. But my fave part of this costume is the cloth which really gives it the "Anya" touch. The word is that this is a VVIP section in Tribe, which is not surprising. Do not get ahead of yourselves believing that because you like the costume, you may get in the section....I don't think so. And well done to Tribe for getting creating further hierarchies in a band that is at the top of the hierarchy. So all those masqueraders who felt like they crossed a barrier to get into Tribe, you ain't reach yet; if you get into this section...let me know

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