Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Almost there with K2K....

K2K's website is finally up! Btw, I have to mention that I received 2 emails from K2K indicating that the website will be up yesterday. They had also responded to several questions I had about the costumes. I must say that the responses were timely.

Like with any new band, there is the need to please as the band has no track record so we expect the customer service to be on point. My concern is always with cover up options even with K2K's seemingly more conservative costumes. To my surprise they are willing to work with me if I need more cover up around the mid section.

Until the website launched I was convinced that I would register for Yellow Sea but after seeing Dead Sea III (featured pic) on the website, I am now confused. I love the yellow because it's the brightest colour in the collection and although Dead Sea III is black, I love the design with the ruffles and the one shoulder corset.

The difference between BL and FL is really the "wavers' or backpiece. So even if you decide to opt for the more affordable BL, the costume is still adequate and you don't seem short changed. In addition, masqueraders will find that the prices are basically in the same range as the bikini and beads bands (TT$3600-$5700), although you are getting more costume. However, the yellow sea male option basically consists of a pants, turban and scarf for the average TT$2500, but there are FL options for males which offer a lot more. I am also not hearing anything about Monday wear which would be the icing on the cake for me!

decisions ...decisions...

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