Sunday, November 6, 2011

Costume 2012- Check!

This has to be the latest I've registered for a costume since 2002, but I'm glad that I'm finally with costume. I've said this many times on the blog, but I don't want to rush into purchasing a costume without thinking it through carefully. But that's not a luxury for everyone, as so many people rush into registration with a fear that they may not secure a costume. I've realized that I should not condemn anyone who registers for a costume in July because this is how the game is played. And if you don't like it, you play in a band outside of the game. But the downside is that these bands do not appeal to your friends and no one wants to be in band with people they don;t know. I mean everyone we know is in Tribe, Bliss or YUMA right?

Anywho, so I just visited the K2K Alliance's website, selected my sizes and added the costume to the shopping bag; checked out, entered my credit card info and that was it. I then received my confirmation for payment two days later through email. Did I mention that I got the costume that I wanted, Dead Sea III Frontline? No fuss no muss. The frontline cost TT$5160 or US$860 with a US$400 deposit. I must also add that any questions I had were promptly and pleasantly addressed by the designers.

However, the website only allows you to pay for one costume at a time since you could only add one item to the shopping bag, and I have not seen an option to pay the balance online. I am also awaiting the decision on Monday wear. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for something because I'm not into stressing about an outfit for Monday. Let's just be honest, costumes are no longer meant to wear on both days so I want some black cloth, a tshirt or something...

So basically I'm excited to see what the costume will look like on the road and maybe I'll meet some new friends. And don't be afraid to sell your YUMA costume if you are having second thoughts because you will have no problem finding a buyer.....

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