Thursday, April 21, 2011

No Costume for Me

It's just my luck that when I got to mas camp to collect my costume, I had to leave empty handed. Although everyone else got their costume, my costume "was not ready". In true Bacchanal Jamaica style, no e-mail was sent and no phone call was made to give any warning that I should not waste my time and gas in order to get through the Holy Thursday traffic to get to mas camp. So "they will call me" when the costume is ready. Well we know how that usually goes; nobody will call me. However, I must say that I am impressed with the costume (not the headpiece); it looks very much like the prototype although persons are complaining about the size being much smaller than standard sizes. Bacchanal, this is why you need sample sizes during the registration process. Also, the bottom piece is a darker shade of green than the bra.

I am also happy that Frenchmen is trying to revamp the exclusive nature of their section. It seemed that over the years Frenchmen got lost among the other sections with no special services except at the lunch stop. Today Frenchmen masqueraders were warned that they should pay special attention to the section rules and stay in their section.

Btw, these pics are of my friend's costume; not mine :(


  1. Good luck on the costume. Loving the Jamaica carnival blog postings. I hope to come Jamaica carnival next year. Fingers crossed!

  2. you definitely should; it's a different experience but cool