Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carnival Tights....

As I get prepare to go on the road, my one never-go-without for mas is my tights. I'm sorry but my legs are jiggly and flawed and I don't feel as naked with tights so I rather stay home that go without. But tights have also been one of my biggest frustration particularly trying to keep them in pristine condition during the day. There are two major contributors to runs in tights: snags while putting it on and snags caused by the costume. Here are some tips for wearing and maintaining:

  • Stretch tights before wearing.

  • Spray a light mist of hairspray to strengthen the fibres.

  • Place your two thumbs inside one of the while sitting or standing.

  • Place your index, middle and ring fingers along the outside of the tights.

  • Roll the tights leg up to the toe of the hose, using the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers of both hands, while allowing the tights to bunch loosely in the palms of your hands.

  • Widen the opening of the tights for your foot by stretching the tights outward by securing the tights with the tips of your thumbs and pulling outward.

  • Place your big toe inside the rolled tights by bending your knee and pointing your big toe.

  • Slowly glide the tights over your foot, heel, up your leg and over your knee and up to your crotch using your hands, while unrolling the tights as needed.

  • Repeat the same process for your other leg.

  • Pull the panty of the tights over your buttocks and rest the waistband of the tights on your waist.

  • Remember this is a slow process so don't rush it.

  • Trim nails prior to putting on the tights.

  • Remove jewelry as well.

  • If in doubt, wear surgical gloves especially if you are wearing acrylic nails.

  • If you really particular like me, walk with an extra pair.

  • If not, walk with clear nail polish to stop any runs.

Luckily my Avalon costume has plastic gems so they won't damage the tights. If your costume has metal gems, you can coat them with clear nail polish. If there are any sharp hanging decorations and you want to keep your tights run-free, remove me I've learnt this the hard way...

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