Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make up or Not?

Ooooh I love the new take on Carnival in Jamaica...can you say GLAM! The bacchanal Jamaica FB group is ablaze with so many persons advertising services for Carnival. You can get your boots and bags customized, Isis wings, hot shorts and accessories. But make up services are the most popular. I've never done professional make up here so I'm not sure how it can compare to Trinidad. A good make up artist can apply make up easily and make you look good but Carnival make up is a whole different technique. Let me first clear up that I'm no make up expert but I know Carnival. The most sigificant concern is that the make up should be long lasting, sweatproof and waterproof. I mean if you are going to be sweating and in the sun for almost an entire day, the make up must hold up. The eye make up must be bright and the brand and colors should follow suit. The regular pharmacy palettes won't work. So if you're going to get professional makeup done, always consult with the artist before; even look at some photos of their work or gather your own photos to help articulate what type of loook you're goin for... You should also consider the following:

  • Use some kind of base to help reduce sweat like an antishine, milk of magnesia or even monistat chafing relief works as a great primer.

  • Ask about the brand of foundation and powder; a foundation with SPF is always is a plus.

  • If in doubt, carry your own but note that your everyday brand may not be the best for the road.

  • Indicate the colors of your costume to the artist to provide an easy match.

  • If you can see a sample of the eye shadow, take advantage of it.

  • The make up should also compliment the headpiece.

  • If you are wearing face gems, ensure the artist can apply them well and that the size and colours match your costume.

  • Ensure that the artist uses a good glue such as spirit gum to apply the gems even if they are self adhesive.

  • If you are doing false eyelashes; do a dry run to ensure you are using the right brand and that they are comfortable or just get them professionally done beforehand.

  • A fix it spray is always good. I like the MAC fix it spray.

  • On average,application can take up to 30 minutes so plan your appointment early enough to get to the shuttle in time.

  • Also the location of the artist should be considered when making your appointment.

  • On the road walk with your blotting sheets or blotting powder (don't wipe sweat! BLOT!), lip balm and lip gloss.

What am I not impressed with is the cost of the make up application. The average cost is between JA$4500 and $5000...which is a lot. But I guess if people are willing to pay it, it's not a problem for everyone. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet because I don't want to experiment and be disappointed with the results. Gabriella's is the only one that has impressed me because they did the make up for the Bacchanal launch and photoshoot, but Atlantis has offered their FLiners makeup so who knows how long you'll have to wait. Even if you call them now, they can't confirm an appointment for you. The last I heard, they had about 40 stay far from there. Some of the persons you can check out :

Jada Thomas- 454-3207

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