Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Guess What? De Bouncin start!

I know that some of you didn't believe that I was actually not going to play mas this year.  I was actually believing this myself until New Years after the harsh reality hit me.  How was I going to actually miss this? And no, I wasn't waiting on my friends to beg me to play or to gain the sympathy vote which seems to be the norm these days. So after much reflection, I decided on a new approach:

1. I am not stressing over getting into the perfect band.  I'm going with my fave costume, Skeptical in K2K (featured in the pic) and expecting nothing more than a gorgeous costume.

2. I am trying new low cost fetes and keeping one must go expensive fete on my list. The point is that I don't have to go everywhere.

3. I am cutting down on all unnecessary fluff such as matching costume bag, monday wear, hairstyles and any other supposed "carnival necessity".  I am definitely reusing things I already have.

4. I am going to keep the focus on my must haves- fab makeup on both days and comfortable footwear.

4. I am keeping in mind that Carnival is also about having fun with my with my friends, family an hubby and not to get carried away on the superficial stuff.

 I know I said that I wasn't going to torture myself and play with K2K again after being disappointed last year, but I love the costume and just want to embody it on the 2 days.  After all this reflecting, my most important conclusion was that even though I planned everything late this year, the Carnival gods didn't set wrath upon me...

What about you? Have you made any changes this year???

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