Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bazodee 2012- Mud and Soca

After it had rained for the entire day on Saturday, I was almost sure that I wouldn't be going to Bazodee. But after spending JA$6500 on my ticket, I had to ensure that I was there- rain or shine.

By 9:30, the crowd was small which made parking and the shuttle ride easy. I was really glad I decided to break in my boots that night because it was mud and more mud in the food and bathroom areas. Luckily the main dance area was covered where most people had congregated.

The food area was set up in the thick of the mud so it was really difficult to maneuvre the booths. Obviously, I went to the Trini booth first to get my doubles fix. My other faves were the barbeque pigtail and beef sirloin. Everything else was bland or just tasted bad. The dessert station was blah with an assortment of donuts. I mean who cares for donuts at an all inclusive fete? I want mini cheesecakes, fruit plates, chocolate covered strawberries, red velvet cupcakes etc. But kudos to the Haagen dazs crew for a real dessert station.

Once the Johnnie was flowing, I was fine and boy did it flow! It was very easy to get drinks which is always a plus at a fete.

The restrooms were always clean despite the mud. They also provided, lotion, mints and gum in the female restroom.

The music was really good with a wide variety of tunes coming from Private Ryan, Alicia the Duchess and Smoke. But even with the drinks and good music, there was something lacking. I'm not sure what it was, but the vibes were not has high as last year, or it could have been the rain, or that the fete was a replica of years past. Probably Frenchmen needs to change up the formula because I've attended this fete too many times and it's become boring for me, but whatever it is, I will be there next year...


  1. Yeah Girl, it was ah Mudzodee, but since i haven't been there to play or party in 3 years i totally enjoyed myself. I agree with you on the food issue though, the standard is not as high as it was a few years ago when last i was there,but overall i would say the fete was a success.

    By the way i'll be back in JA next weekend to play at Tailwind's Lock it down! fete, i hope to see you there.

    DJ Switch