Tuesday, October 4, 2011

K2K Alliance....Will you Play?

K2K Alliance describes their costumes as "...sophisticated, glamorous and chic and cater to the masquerader who is looking to be part of a bigger story; a moving canvas of artistic expression..."...I Love it! The costumes for their presentation, The Waters are a great alernative to the bikini and beads costumes, and you don't get the feeling that you are playing mas with your Aunty Pauline and her friends Jean and Dorothy. However, one might believe that there is more cover up and that it may be a better option for the "not slim" masquerader, but I warn you to be careful. There may be more cover up, but the costumes are form fitting and may draw unwanted attention to your rolls, handles and bulges. For the thicker girls, you may have to consider some kind of shapewear to give that smooth "holding down" effect.

I must admit that I am excited to see the pics on their website and ofcourse, the prices. I suspect that costumes will fall within TT$4000-6000 range. But are you willing to give up "mas" for "marse"???

***There are no pics on K2K's FB page and the website has not been launched yet, so this pic of The Yellow Sea came from Trinidad Carnival Diary. I feel I could wear this...

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