Friday, June 17, 2011

The Day When a Young Professional Embarassed her Institution...

So yuh girl is a cebrelity since pics of me being wotless during Machel's performance at CFW last weekend. But never underestimate the power of fame; there will be a lot of haters and backbiters. Honestly I was very happy when I saw the pics on live stush. Besides a kind of weird expression on my face; I felt I looked good and saw some results from my zumba classes. To me, these pics are in no way different from those you would see of me at Carnival so I don't find them racy or provocative in any way. In fact, it just represents me doing what I do best- enjoying myself.

But apparently once you are a "young professional" this behaviour is "inappropriate" and will make you "ineffective" in doing your job at the university. I mean look at what happened to the American politician , Anthony Weiner! But the person who used the university's toner to print several copies of the photos and distribute them is not chastized, nor is this action considered "unprofessional".

The higher ups were appalled when my response to these supposedly pornographic photos is: "so what?". What do you expect from me? Shame for enjoying myself? Shame for looking hott in a blue mini dress? hell no!

If you knew me, I live for Carnival and anything soca related. If you read my facebook profile, my religious beliefs centre around carnival so the fete is my church and soca is my hymn so why is an image of me in my Church, praising my false god, Machel Montano and singing in the most high, offensive and shocking?

And how does this affect my job? My job is to deliver lectures on topics most of my students do not find relevant...but I do it in the most effecient and effective way. I am never late with my grades and I fulfill all course requirements. Now if my students saw me partying and they choose to let that be a distraction and not focus on learning which they have paid for then that's something they need to work out. Lecturers are people too and they do have lives outside of the university. I do not hide in my home and only emerge when I go to work...sorry. This situation reminds me of back in the day when pregnant women were not allowed to in front of the classrooms once their bump was visible. It was evidence that they were sexually active (omg, how dare they have sex!). And here I am in 2011, providing evidence that I am sexy and carefree (which some people see as immoral).

No matter how successful you are as a young woman, your sexuality is always at the forefront. No matter how much feminism has impacted on our society, women's bodies will always remain a source of ridicule, praise, downfall, embarassment and degredation...


  1. WOW that is a mess, I was there and you were well behaved compared to me, the girl who jumped on him in a dress lol. I got some backlash too although mine is merited but you were way classy up there doing the cute wine...sad that once we are professionals all fun should go out the door...well I am putting up a good ole fight and saying BITE ME! all while dodging cameras lol