Monday, June 27, 2011

The Beginning...Band Launch Season is here!

Oooooh band launch season has begun and I'm soooo excited. With D Krewe's launch already getting lackluster reviews, some of these bands better come good. I'm always excited for Spice and since I did not play with them this year, I'm eager to see their ideas for 2012 (can you believe we are already talking about carnival 2012!!!!). Their theme is "The New World" which like any carnival theme is so vague and broad that any costume can be incorporated and hailed as representative of "The New World". Since the loss of Richard and Anthony designs to YUMA, Spice's costumes have not been at the same standard since their entry in 2009. So let's see what Anya and her team wows us with on July 9th. I'm hoping that there will be a live stream or I'll just be following the updates on Twitter....

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