Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NO New Soca in Jamaica Carnival?

On Monday, Simone Morgan from the Jamaica Observer wrote a review of the Bacchanal Pre Carnival fete at Mas Camp last Friday: "With the selectors from the hugely popular Renaissance Disco provided patrons with the hottest and latest soca beats, this would set the stage for the what was to transpire at the kick-off event". She continued that the DJ, Kurt Riley... "The Party Animal, not leaving out his dancehall roots, did an excellent job at keeping the revellers warmed up with his wicked selections from dancehall's Demarco, Busy Signal, Beenie Man and Vybz Kartel -- a teaser of what was to come at the wild Bacchanal Jamaica Soca season."

Well good for you Ms. Morgan...because I'm not sure that I agree with your assessment. I know that I'm beating the dead horse but seriously what's up with the music? I can assure you that there were no "latest soca beats"...Unless "latest" refers to the repetition of the 15 pre 2005 songs. And if this is a "teaser for what is to come" this year, then what is there to look forward to? *yawn*. But I will give them credit for the 4 latest songs that were played; 1 of which was played twice.

After some discussion of this issue on facebook, some Jamaicans contend that it's difficult for DJs to introduce new songs because they don't get the desired reponse from the crowd. I totally agree with this...but every song was a new song at some point and how did they get the crowd into these songs? Furthermore, true "soca junkies" should not depend on Djs but are in tune with the songs long before the fete. And I will say this again, soca is seasonal music...each carnival season is defined by the songs of that year which is what makes each season a different one wants to be stuck in the past...yea it was great but let's party in the now...

Now on to other Jamaica carnival news...Soca Republic will be launching their costume for Bacchanal carnival as wellas their UWI J'ouvert presentation on January 21 at Ashli's Bistro in New Kingston. Gems Jamaica and Island Mas Jamaica will also be hosting another early carnival fete on March 5th. I hope that they would try to give us something different outside of Bacchanal....Move with the times and bring Jamaica in the now of soca music...

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