Monday, January 17, 2011

Budgeting for Carnival

It may be no surprise that Carnival costs a lot of money especially when you don't live in Trinidad. It can also cost even more when you want to go extra fab which can inlcude purchasing a FL costume, makeup, boots etc. In addition, the fetes you select can add $ to your budget. But it helps when you make do with what you have from previous Carnivals or in your closet. For instance, I'm using my bag from last year and wearing something I have already on Carnival Monday. I have a designated Monday boots that have matched all my costumes in the last 2 years, including my costume for JA carnival so that will be worn this Carnival Monday. My toe protectors are still good from last JA carnival and can be used again. This is where I am so far in my budget:

Airfare- Caribbean Airlines- US$437

Titans FL Costume- US$916

Beach house fete (tentative)- US$125

Sunny side up fete- US$100

Boots US$65

Makeup (2 days)- US$65

Fete outfits- US$100

Boots inserts- US$20

Fletch Dry powder- US$6

Stockings (2)- US$15

Weave- undecided


  1. tell me when you decide about that weave girl. ^^ But geez, all that real expensive >< at least you know you spending your money on something u love and enjoy, and that makes it all worth it ^^

  2. yeah i wearing the weave; more like an extension to my ponytail; cant deal with the sewing in or clip in kinds...i just dont know where i'm gonna buy it...