Friday, January 21, 2011

A.M Bush

Believe it or not I've never taken part in J'ouvert! I know that it's strange being the Carnival lover that I am, but growing up, my parents never supported the idea because they felt that it was too rough and dangerous for me. And even with the proliferation of inclusive J'ouvert bands that offer security, it still never appealed to me. I love Carnival with every cell in my body but I lack the necessary endurance. There's no way that I can do J'ouvert and then play mas on Monday. What about the paint? How am I going to do makeup on Monday? and most importantly I will just be way too tired. Getting adequate sleep on Carnival Sunday is very important for your stamina on Monday and Tuesday.

This is why I am endorsing Caesar's Army J'ouvert on SATURDAY March 5; not on Sunday morning. It is a very cool idea to have J'ouvert on Saturday even though it contradicts the traditional idea of "the opening" of carnival. They'll just be "opening" a little earlier to accommodate those who really don't like the rush between J'ouvert and Carnival Monday. I am confident that the event will be a success since they have a dedicated following and they have produced many successful events. The theme is also appealing and goes well with the J'ouvert concept. So if you are looking for an a well organized J'ouvert experience with much vibes or just an alternate event, be sure to check it out.

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