Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Signature Lines?????

Spice will be featuring a "Signature Line" which is a level above Frontline! The featured costume will be a Signature Line option, entitled Jubilee, the Signature Line from the Diamonds are Forever "cluster". Now, this costume is gorg...very Victoria's Secret Angels kind of thing...and I lOVE to see a white costume; Spice is also fulfilling their commitment to the bling factor....However, if a backline costume cost me TT$4200 (with corset), this year....I don't even what to guesstimate what "Signature Line" costumes will go for. Does this mean that the backline costumes will look like horrific scale downs of this option???? The position of the backliner will be diminished! Forget media attention backliners because not even the Frontliners will be privy to such attention with these Signature costumes....I'm still not sure what I think about this hierarchy in sections

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