Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Indian Diaspora in the Caribbean- Check me out!

One of my articles, I found my East Indian Beauty, Locating the Indo Trinidadian Woman in Trinidadian Soca Music was published in the journal, The Indian Diaspora in the Caribbean which was edited by Kumar Mahabir: "The collection in this volume consists of 13 chapters written on a broad range of themes such as indentureship, migration, racism, violence, conversion, acculturation, music, education, politics, identity and globalisation. Four of the chapters are on Trinidad, four on Guyana, one each on St. Vincent, Grenada, Suriname and Martinique, and one on the Caribbean in general. The contributing authors are Neil Sookdeo, Brinsley Samaroo, Ellen Bal, Kathinka Sinha-Kerkhoff, Lomarsh Roopnarine, Kumar Mahabir, Preethy S. Samuel, Leon C. Wilson, Kai Abi Barratt, Ron Sookram, Savena Budhu, Smita Tripathi, Teruyuki Tsuji, Sherry-Ann Singh and Baytoram Ramharack. The volume is the latest, and one of the most comprehensive works published on East Indians in the Caribbean".

You can get your copy for TT$220 (apparently, it's a hard cover so it kind of expensive!)

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