Monday, July 8, 2013

Soca in Sabina

I would admit that I am one of those West Indians who loves the party aspect of a cricket match.  I mean how could I not when a "fete match" was probably the only sport I took part in while growing up in sweet T&T.  For those who don't know, with a fete match the actually sport (cricket) is secondary and food, alcoholic beverages, and lime are the main elements.  Most times, it doesn't matter who wins because the celebration goes on from start to finish.  In fact, I believe that Trinbagonians carry this fete match mentality to every sport which is probably why we don't do as well in international sporting events.  But don't get me wrong, no one can enjoy themselves more at a sporting event like Trinis. True or False?

the actual cricket

For the first time, I visited the famous Sabina Park for the India vs West Indies match which was a part of the Tri-nation cricket series. Like a good Trini, I opted for the Appleton mound, which is the all-inclusive party stand equivalent to the Trini Posse stand at the Oval in Port of Spain. To my surprise, the Trinbagonian posse was out in their numbers. Despite an unforgiving heat that could be compared to a Carnival Tuesday, the atmosphere was filled with vibes from morning to afternoon which reached its peak with a win for the West Indies team.

the victory dance (feet are covered in beach sand btw)
It was soca, wining, Appleton rum, and hot sun.  Sounds familiar?  The line between fete and cricket was blurred in the mound.  I was elated that the DJs played some soca along with popular dancehall tunes. The Trinis were grateful and used every opportunity to wine to show their support for the Windies.  I couldn't tell if the rest of Sabina had such a great time, but boy was I glad I was in the mound.  Some argue that the party atmosphere was commercial and lacked true support for the game. But which of our cultural spaces aren't commercial and lack its traditional elements?

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