Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cooler fete 101

I am so excited that the I love Soca promoters will be putting on its cooler fete this Saturday on Hopefield Ave.  This will be my third cooler fete in Jamaica and I'm very pumped! I'm desperate for anything soca so this is a must go especially since Titan and Selector Myles from T&T will be playing.
In my limited cooler fete experience, I've come up with some helpful tips for the cooler fete newbies:
1. An actual cooler will be helpful (if not, a bucket will do)
2. If you are going with a crew, enforce the " bring what you drinking" rule
3. Coolers with wheels are recommended especially if it's a female crew
4. Arrive at the fete early enough to secure a good spot for the cooler/s
5. Drop off the cooler at the entrance (with someone from the crew ) and then park
6. Do not stand on the cooler (they are not cheap)
7. Try to keep the number of hands going into the cooler limited (bacteria is not fun)
8. Don't forget your cups
9. Keep the ice for the drinks separate from the ice used to keep the drinks cold

What should be in your cooler:
Your alcoholic drink of choice (you don't need to bring drinks for everyone you meet up since they should have their own cooler)
Your chaser of choice
Drinking water to hydrate
Something cheap for the beggars

See you on Saturday and remember that a little wine never hurt nobody (well it depends on who you ask)...

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